Back in Business [July 23rd, 2016]

Damn, it’s been a long while. I’m hoping to get some web development and design skills up and running, along with other computer skills I’ve been accumulating for a few years. It’s been over a year since I did anything for this site, but I’m working on getting bootstrap to work with my site, vanilla for the new forums and getting back into Mario Kart Wii mods again. I’ve been uploading like crazy for a few months now.

First off, the Mario Kart Wii mods, like texture hacks and custom tracks are one of my biggest concerns, as I really want to make nice looking tracks and stuff like that. I’ve been building some ideas for custom tracks on paper and scanned them to my computer so I can enhance them a bit, also using legends to mark which items would be best suited for certain areas in my mind, at least. A lot of the newer ones I see look really nice and some even have 60fps videos on YouTube which, in my opinion, makes it look even more epic. Fortunately, that sort of epicness has transitioned into Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart 7 and even a bit in Mario Kart 8, and I’d love to be a part of those modding communities when I get there.

Since my last blog, I’ve finished up an object-oriented software developer course and only have a practicum remaining, which is merely a fancy term for job (or at least and internship) that is associated with post-secondary schools. From what I’ve seen, you can (and should) get paid while on your practicum if your employers are willing to pay you, rather than take advantage of the fact that you are a student, however, you will have to find one and apply for one in the same way as you would a job, only differing in informing the academy about practicum details, which you might not have to do for a job, unless they want references. I apologize for the run-on sentence, but you get my point, right? Aside from the practicum, which I need to write a cover letter for, I’ve done pretty well, working with Java, Python, PHP, JSP, HTML, a bit of CSS, JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET and a few other languages. I’m considering getting a smaller Windows computer to work with Android Studio to build a BRSTM player if none exist (or to add to the few or many that do exist). I’m also rebuilding the web site and design, including the new vanilla forums, which I found during my program, so I can transition my threads and such over to there. Also, before I move on, does someone know how to make a good CSS template for Vanilla forums? If so, would you mind teaching me so I can build a few, based on Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Team Fortress 2, etc.?

I apologize if I bore you with unnecessary life details, but I just wanted to get it out there and improve upon the look and feel of the site before anything else. I’ll just leave you all with this video for now.

~Alpha (Lee)