Capture The Wallet (November 6, 2014)

I have a bad feeling about my wallet this month and on December, guys. Nintendo knows how to seduce my wallet into paying them for their games, much like Valve does. What I mean is, I’m getting a copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire and Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U all on the same day. I have mentioned it before, but there is no way that it can’t be repeated, at least by me.

Anyways, not much else is happening today or tomorrow, other than my parents coming down for the weekend. Nothing really special to me though. Anyways, I’ll illustrate this next project that I’ve thought of a few weeks back.

Project Libra

This project is also known as the Wiibook, which uses an old laptop of mine as a chassis for a Wii that I may get eventually. Again, it’s similar to some of the laptop based console mods I’ve seen a lot of lately. The name, Libra, is based off scales in the Babylonian astronomy, which eventually inspired the design of libraries, which the name was inspired by Libra, or something. I’m not familiar with mythology as much as I am with gaming so feel free to correct me. Also, it’s a fairly old laptop, so there’s a good reason to recycle the chassis for other purposes. Perhaps I can recycle any of the parts within it, including the RAM and Hard Drive for other purposes, but I’ll consider it when I feel like building it.

Anyways, I’ll stop posting for today, since I’m pretty hungry and I really want to get into modelling, modding my Wii and everything again, even though I still have to wait for the damned drive to arrive. I’ll see you guys around.