Canada’s Worst Day of the Week (November 3, 2014)

The title’s relevance has more to do with Canada’s Worst Driver and the latest episode. I’ve been a major fan of the show for approximately eight years and I would love to rewatch all the previous seasons of Canada’s Worst Driver for pure entertainment, while watching the current season until the season finale.

Anyways, I guess I can elaborate on projects I was thinking of during the period of several days below. I’ll keep the horizontal alignment of this entry to the left for convenience.

Project: Layz-E Boy (Potato)

As I mentioned in the previous blog, this is basically a sectional with a modified cup holder section, designed specifically to house the circuit board of any console or consoles I choose to install in it. The board will need to be secured into the unit properly so that it doesn’t fall and possibly break. The reason why I wanted to use a section with cup holders is so that more than two people can play games while having a drink or two and not have to get up to turn off the console or change games (since cup holders usually have compartments for storage, which is ideal for a few cartridges or CD cases. The sectional of choice would be leather because they don’t attract pet hairs as much as other fabrics do and it does feel rather smooth. Let me know what you think of the idea in the comments below.

Project: Medusa (TV Project)

Named after the infamous gorgon from Greek mythology, the project was meant to fit a console’s circuit board into a TV, most likely a CRT TV or something along those lines. The name has more to do with the screen than anything because like some gamers, I don’t really like looking at myself when the screen cuts to black. Like the Layz-E Boy, this was meant for pure convenience, but the reason for that is to deal with the TV only, as opposed to the console connected to it. It’s really not much of a project and the name could be far better.

Well, I guess that’s about enough out of me for now, since I can write a few more down whenever I post next time. I shall see you all next time.

~Lee Harrold (ALPHAMARIOX)