Snow and Stuff (November 2, 2014)

We finally have snow in my area that may last until April or May, which is what I needed for a while now. The only part I don’t like about snow is when it falls onto my glasses while walking because I am pretty much blinded for a while, which is not a good feeling.

Anyways, I have been having issues with having SD cards work on my old Wii lately. It’s able to detect something in the SD card slot, but it won’t recognize the SD card. I’m not sure on how to fix this, but maybe someone with much more electronic repairing expertise, please come forward. As for a newer Wii I purchased back in 2010, I’ve been having issues with the disc drive, which is a relatively easy fix for me, since I know of more sites with instructions on fixing it. Once I have it running again, I’ll be able to record more gameplay footage, which I wanted to do for weeks now.

I don’t feel as though I really want to elaborate on some of the projects that I have thought up of today, since there has been some turmoil everywhere and I’ve been a little lazy and not feeling entirely optimistic lately. I might go a little into one of them and that was a sectional that was fancied to being a video game console as well, although it would have to include cupholders where the board might be installed into. I will elaborate more on this when I feel like it. Anyways, I’ll just leave this blog at that for now. See you all again next time.