Happy Halloween, You Fools! (October 31, 2014)

Well, I got more into Team Fortress 2 again, with my new Halloween cosmetics and still love Merasmus’ voice. I also love the new hammer that was released two days ago; “The Necro Smasher.” I started using it on pubs, although it seems that only the engineer can repair and upgrade with the hammer, while everyone else can’t. This time, the spy was left out of the loop. Team Fortress 2 is fairly stressful, but the characters are one of the best I’ve experienced.

Anyways, I’m glad it’s Friday because I’ve been longing for the weekend once again. Our pet tarantula has molted for her first time, according to my roommate and that was pretty awesome, because that means she’s much closer to her full size, which she’ll spend the next decade and a half with; growing until she reaches a certain age and living a long life for an arthropod. This is the first time that I’ve had an exotic pet; an animal that wasn’t a cat or a dog. Tarantulas are still rather adorable to me, so that matters.

I’m not really doing anything special for this Halloween unfortunately, but maybe next year. Other than that, I have nothing much else on my mind today. I might elaborate on some of my ideas for custom consoles and PCs tomorrow or the next time I post a blog. I’ll catch you all later.

~Alpha (Lee)